About Us

Barbara and David – Club Founders


WHAT IS ´Companians´

‘Companians’ is a social club in Albir which has been in existence since holding its first meeting on Tuesday 11th October 2005 at the Riviera in Albir, when a small group of 11 attended, from which its founder members were formed.

Barbara (Founder President) and her partner David had found a lack of clubs to join at that time and decided to put a few fliers and adverts in papers to see if there would be an interest in starting a club never imagining that it would be as successful as it has been.

As Barbara and David travel back to England every June, July and August the club closes after the first Tuesday in June and re-opens on around 13th September each year, but during that time the club has informal coffee meetings at a local cafe, which is run by at least two of the current management team.

The meetings are held every Tuesday in the Hotel Albir Gardens (in Albir), where an average of 150 members and guests get together for coffee, arriving from 10.30 to 11.30am to be checked in and to be given up to date information on events and to make bookings.

The club has a book library and a DVD library run by very efficient club helpers and which is free to all members. On joining all new members receive a membership card, the colour of which is changed on renewal every year and which is scanned when members attend the weekly club meeting.

Membership is currently €15 a year, and although you may join us as a guest for all the activities we hold such as regular weekly Petanca, club lunches, table tennis, 10 pin bowling and organised walks in the mountains, as a member you get discounts on other events such as coach trips, dinner dances, the yearly Gala Ball etc. Extra discounts are also available when joining as you will receive a copy of the Loyalty Discount booklet which gives valuable information and discounts from local businesses including a 10% discount from Albir Gardens Hotel for all beverages and overnight stays.

The club welcomes all nationalities but is predominantly English speaking, and involves itself in helping local charities, and since starting has raised and given over €40,000.

If you would like to know more or to join, just call in any Tuesday and you will be made very welcome, or you can call Barbara on 666 921 972 or email her at topsyanddavid@hotmail.com for any information.


THE CLUB – the club was formed in October 2005.   It is a non-political club specifically designed for social activities.  We are a non- profit making club. All helpers, deputies and management give their time for free and only claim for club expenses.  The club supports and raises money for charities.

WHO CAN JOIN – any nationality is welcome to join us but we are a predominantly English speaking club, with ages from 40 upwards.

HOW MANY MEMBERS DO WE HAVE – we currently have a membership of 380 active members of which 40 are helpers and management.

MEMBERSHIP FEE – the current membership is €15 for the year.  Renewals can be taken as from the first Tuesday meeting in November.

MEETINGS – are held every Tuesday September to May at Albir Gardens Hotel from 10.15-12.15pm. Stage announcements are from 11.30-12.00pm.

NEWS BULLETIN – a fortnightly bulletin is available to purchase for €2 which gives updated information on the club activities.

BOOKINGS – can be made at the Tuesday meetings where we have various booking-in desks.

HELP DESK – we also have a ‘help desk’ where you can discuss any problems you may have, either club or personal related, and appointments can be made with our club legal advisors.

LOYALTY DISCOUNT BOOKLET – once a member, you will receive the club’s personal booklet which gives discounts at local restaurants and businesses on production of your membership card.

VISITORS and GUESTS – are welcome to join our meetings and join in events for an extra small charge. Members receive priority booking.

HOW TO JOIN – just come along to our meeting and speak to our New Members Deputy (John) who will check you in, give you a receipt for your joining fee and explain everything fully and present you with your Loyalty Discount Booklet.  Your personal coded membership card will be available the following week to collect from Ann which, when shown at the bar in Albir Gardens, entitles you a 10% discount on beverages.

Barbara and David hope to meet you soon, but if you require any further information please contact Barbara, Founder President, either by phone on 666 921 972, or by email at topsyanddavid@hotmail.com

Barbara Banks
Founder President