Hospital appointments and prescriptions

Victoria has received the following from Denia hospital and is confident Villajoyosa will probably follow suit.  As soon as we hear more we will let you know.

IMPORTANT UPDATE for DENIA hospital appointments (also on the Denia hospital website, and this link opens the website in English )

All appointments are cancelled from Monday 23 until further notice.

The specialists are calling patients by phone directly to give out necessary information. [Note this happened to us this morning at the same time as the appointment was due].

The hospital is totally closed to visitors. If you collect medication from the hospital pharmacy, you may still do so.

Appointments for Sintrom and the pharmacy and treatments are not being cancelled.

For operations and procedures, patients will be advised if these cancelled. The doctors are checking on each appointment to decide if patient should attend

The hospital cafeteria is closed. The hospital appreciates your help and cooperation.


PRESCRIPTIONS for medicines

From March 18 the validity of chronic (long term) treatments has been automatically extended for an additional 2 months. If your prescription is due for renewal shortly (and you normally would have this done by your doctor) you do not need to worry for another 2 months (minimum). This is how it works: the  Department of Health has launched a generic PIN that will allow the dispensing of all new prescriptions and those already issued, and can be typed in by the Pharmacist without the need to have the printed prescription.For further clarification email: STAY HOME; STAY SAFE😷