Costa Diadema Cruise cancelled

The following information has been received from LPD travel regarding the cancellation of the above cruise.

23 rd, march, 2020 LPD TRAVEL STATEMENT: Costa Diadema Cruise with departure: 30th of april, 2020. CLUB COMPANION Dear Customers, First of all, we hope thet you are well and we send you a lot of encouragement in this stage that we are living, stage that is being very complicated for us as well. In view of the events that have taken place in recent weeks about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the cancellations of Airlines, Cruises… that are beyond our control, we are forced to issue this statement. Costa Cruises, at the moment, has refused to give us the money back and has proposed to us on march 12nd , the change of the group with the same conditions and price for the 29th of april 2021. In the next few days, the European Union will pass a law to force customers to accept so-called voucher or coupon that are being offered by many companies for use in the future, instead of being able to ask for an inmediate refund. We believe that this new law is detrimental to our clients, to you. First because it forces you to accept the voucher, and secondly because if you choose another trip for 2021 and it’s more expensive, wich is likely to happen, you will have to pay the difference. Considering that Costa Cruises has not yet cancelled the “Costa Diadema Cruise” for 30th april 2020, that you are not yet obliged to accept such vouchers, although the obligation to bear the costs of cancellation remains and trying to find the best option for our clients: LPD Travel takes the decision dated on 20th march 2020, to cancel this cruise of 30th april 2020 and afford the 8.040€ respective to cancellation costs. For our part we will use all the legal tools at our disposal to force them to comply with the signed contract and return us the money back in the coming months, but unfortunately we know that it will not be an immediate refund since companies don’t want to decapitalize. Therefore, LPD Travel commits to refunding all amounts paid by our customers on this cruise except for the travel and cancellation insurance, as insurance companies do not refund these imports as it is a pandemic cancellation. We would appreciate it if our customers decide to leave their money for a future trip in our travel agency or, if they would decide to get their money back in a few months, when Costa Cruises returns it to us. However, all customers who need or want to recover their money must bring the bank account and proof of ownership of that bank account, with their name on it, and LPD Travel will make all the bank transfers as soon as the authorities allow us to open up to the public. LPD TRAVEL Camino Viejo de Altea, 36, loc.7. 03581. El Albir (Alfaz del Pi) Alicante. We have made this decision because we believe it is the best way to protect all customers on this cruise and because we want to give you the best solution, as always. For your peace of mind and in case you need to clear up any doubts, you can call us on the usual telephone number: 966 868 477, we have the lines diverted to our personal telephone number. Please forward this statement to all club members affected by this cruise. We hope to maintain your confidence and we are sure that we will meet again soon to organize a new trip with the same enthusiasm as always. Sincerely yours, LPD TRAVEL JOSE A. LÓPEZ Y ADELI PÉREZ.