Business Presenters

On 8th May we held another Business Presentation at the Rober Palas Hotel.

We do not allow businesses to present their services at our weekly meetings but a couple of times a year we hold informative sessions for our members where local and some not so local businesses come along and present their mainly ex-pat services.  Of course there’s always the incentive of some free lunch or breakfast and a couple of drinks included to entice our members there.

If you missed the event or you want to know further information you can follow the links here to find out.

This event was organised and sponsored by the lovely Gemma from Telitec and included presentations from:-


Infinity – Money transfers made easy. We realise that clients want better service, at better exchange rates and with no hidden fees or bank charges. So that’s exactly what we do.  We’ll explain just how much can be saved, jargon free, with real examples.  To learn more follow this link http://www.iifx.co.uk or contact Adam on 966 260 777 or email adam.stone@iifx.co.uk 


Insure with Confidence – Polifani have 40 years of insurance experience and an unbeatable Expat line. Brexit Healthcare is dedicated to helping you access the healthcare system in Spain correctly.

For more information contact Sophie on 692 815 047, email international@polifani.com or visit www.polifani.com. And for more information on Brexit Healthcare  email info@brexithealthcare.com  or see www.brexithealthcare.com


Quality water direct from your tap. Quite simply the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way of having bottled quality water delivered directly through your existing cold water tap.

For more information contact Kevin on 633 594 735, email kevin.waterfiltersspain@gmail.com or visit  www.waterfiltersspain.com


Had a mortgage in Spain? You may be due a refund.  Lost money buying a property off plan? YO may be able to recover your lost investment. Living in Spain? If you have any legal questions I will be happy to answer them.  Contact Pedro on 965 480 737, email pedro@pellicerheredia.com or visit www.pellicerheredia.com


Helping you live in Spain. Not JUST a property rental and management specialist, PMR can also offer advice and help to ensure your paperwork is in order. They can help with NIE, Residencia, driving Licences, vehicle importation and much more. For more information contact Lisa on 966 260 877 / UK 0203 411 7758 email lisa.turner@pmrspain.com or visit www.pmrspain.com


Lost money on your overseas Pensions Transfer? We are UK regulated claims management company who specialise in gettng financial compensation for expats who have suffered losses on QROPs and SIPPs. For more information contact Ed on +44 3330 116057 email info@expatinvestmentclaims.com or visit www.expatinvestmentclaims.com

And we mustn’t forget Gemma who organised it all:-

telitec-logo-jpeg Contact Gemma on 626 939 223 email gemma@telitec.com or visit www.telitec.com